What's Creative Measures?

It’s more than a name. It’s a mission statement. It's our way of saying we’ll do our best not to create anything ordinary. Whether it’s music, prose or information design, it’s quality. It won’t just fit, it will sing. It won’t just get the idea across, it will inspire.

Need to contact us? Email cminfo@creativemeasures.com.

Need help doing something on the site? The main things you can do here are:


Feel free to look around. The main menu is a good place to start. Songs will take you to a list of all the songs available on the site, listed by alphabet. Just click on the title or image to go to that song's full description (usually including lyrics and notes). Another way to explore songs is to start with Albums and check out the songs listed for each one.

If you'd rather browse by keyword, click on one of the tags in the Browse by tag section to the right to bring up a list of albums or songs associated with that descriptor (feeling, tone, message, theme, music genre, format, etc.). Then click on the title or image to view the full item description (including audio preview).

For Albums, you can use the menu to go directly to the album of your choice, along with credits and notes or other associated pages. All albums are available in CD format and MP3 download, and some are still available in those quaint old vinyl discs called LPs.

If you stray into the CV (curriculum vitae) menu, you'll be able to see some of the other education, work and other music and non-music projects I've been involved in over the years. The Gallery has a few promo shots in it, and I hope to upload some other more varied stuff there over the coming months.

Comment or share

One of the things we're looking forward to most is your comments, so please do! Feel free to comment on posts, albums, songs... Let us know what you think. Or when you first heard a song. Or what it meant to you. Or why you've always hated it. You'll be asked to answer a simple question when you post your comment, just to make sure you're encounter is of the human kind. (I'm not really interested in any robot comments, unless it's the "bilious bumpkin" from Lost in Space, whom I've already issued a user account.)

So just click the Add new comment button at the bottom of each post or song or album and make your voice heard. If your comment calls for a response, I'll do my best.

Please also consider sharing a post or song or album via your favorite social media network. You'll find a share or bookmark button next to the comment button. Just hover over that button to get several options: you can share the item on your favorite social media channel, or share the page via email, or even bookmark it in your browser.


Just type a word in the Search box in the upper right and click the magnifying glass (or press Enter) to search our site for that word. Know the song you like has the word "oppressed" in it? Type it into the Search box and you'll find you're song in a hurry.


Songs also have short audio excerpts that you can listen to so you can get a feel for the song (currently you must have Adobe Flash installed and enabled to play the previews). Just go to the song's full description page and it'll be there toward the top. Click the arrow to start playback.

Other formats will have previews, too, at some point, such as the first page of sheet music, for example.


If you see or hear something you like, you can click on the Add to cart button to do just that. If it's available for purchase, you'll see the price and the button. You can view your cart or checkout at any time by clicking on the appropriate button in the Shopping cart in the page header.

Formats include MP3 download, compact disc (CD), vinyl recording (LP—remember those?), and (eventually) sheet music (PDF), accompaniment recording (MP3 download and/or transposable MIDI file). If you buy an album in MP3 download format, you'll receive a link by email that will allow you to access all the tracks that comprise that album. If you buy a single song, you'll receive a link to only that song. The link will be active for several months, so you can download it again if there any problems the first time.

You can use your PayPal account to pay for your purchases, or pay via any valid credit card as a guest through the same PayPal payment process. Just read the instructions carefully, and you'll be given both payment options.

If you submit an order without first signing in to an account, an account will be created for you automatically, and account details will be sent to the email address you submitted. Use these credentials to sign in to your account, check your order and order history, or access download links.

Thank you for your interest!