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Produced by Michael Glenn. Music, lyrics, lead vocals, arrangements by Doug Howell. Recorded at Morgan Sound Theater, Ann Arbor MI in 1974. TSLP 103, released 1975. Publishing later assigned to Creative Measures. Digitized from master tapes in 2005 at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor, MI and released on CD. CD remastered in Dec 2007.


Original Bluer cover art

Early contemporary Christian album, piano-based pop style, full of honest feeling and faith. Doug’s first solo album is rough in spots, but also has some great moments. It was produced on a shoestring budget and recorded on an 8-track recorder. (See left for original artwork. The new version takes a lot less ink.)

See album credits and notes for lyrics, original liner notes and more recent musings. (Original LP cover opened up, revealing notes on the songs, and included a separate lyric sheet.)

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Life Is Like a MelodyBrotherIt's a PityI Wanna Spend Time with YouBluer Than It's Ever BeenLove That Comes Too LateWith You Beside MeLife Is MoreWillieRoadsAll I Ever Want