The (re)Making of Hinds' Feet

Hinds' Feet cover

Many HF listeners over the years since the original recording was released have asked when a compact disc would become available. After all, nowadays, it's simple to create CDs, right? Well, as with most things in life, simple is not quite the right word. However, we're glad to announce that a CD is available! If you don't want to know any more than that, then you can go right ahead to the album page and order away! If you want to know more, stick with me for a few more paragraphs...

Unfortunately, it has so far been impossible to digitize the Hinds' Feet master tapes. Long story. Let's just say that it's still part of the master plan (no pun intended), and we're hopeful that it will happen sometime in the not too distant future... We were content to wait and hope for someday, but no more.

One day, we had a sudden craving to listen to a “fresh copy” of each of the Eden albums—we hadn't done that in a long, long time! So we took out a new audiocassette of each one and hit Play. What we heard was very disconcerting. Turns out the tapes were in pretty bad shape. Most of them stuck together and warbled quite alarmingly, especially the first and last tracks on each side. For a few moments, we were quite dismayed to realize that everyone that recently ordered the tapes must be having these same problems (even though only a couple of people had ever reported any). In the next few moments, Plan B was born.

We decided that the least we could do was use the tools at our disposal to create a better version than we currently have. We could play a vinyl LP, digitize the sound (record it onto the computer hard drive) and create a CD from the LP performance. So, in a nutshell, that's what we did. Many hours of editing later—we decided to clean up the LP performance as much as possible, taking out the most annoying of the clicks and pops, and adding a few other enhancements—we finally had a decent CD version of Hinds' Feet!

Should a better version (from the master tapes) ever become available, we will give a price break to those who already own this CD version.

As of the CD release, we no longer offer cassettes. However, while supplies last, we will include the cassettes' synopsis and lyric sheets with each CD order. To all who've suffered through the slowly degrading tapes so patiently, please accept our thanks, and our hopes that this new version will be as much a blessing to you as the original audiocassette. Maybe even more so, since we think you'll find the CD's sound quality—not to mention convenience—a significant improvement.