Hinds' Feet reviews

Hinds' Feet cover

“...astonishingly beautiful!” —Nancy Honeytree, composer and recording artist

“The record certainly is impressive and we played it for some of
our staff.” —Bill Brown, President, World-Wide Pictures

“Anyone who has delighted in Hannah Hurnard’s book [title] will cherish this album. The songs printed in the book come alive with the help of strong, yet gentle-voiced soloists and the majestic accompaniment of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra...” —review in Christian Bookseller and Christianity Today

“Mr. Howell has done a good job of interpreting both the song-poems and the connecting storyline. The music is very beautiful and it helps to paint a clear picture of the characters and their actions....This recording is worth a good listen.” —review in Christian Herald

“It’s easy to understand why Michael Glenn and Tyndale House ‘joyfully present’ this musical rendering of songs taken from Hannah Hurnard’s allegory of Much-Afraid’s ascent to the High Places. Based on excerpts from the Song of Solomon, the album brings new life to the Old Testament canticles. While some melodies are simple, they are not predictable. They range from full-bodied and majestic to haunting airs in minor keys. Energy builds and subsides; orchestration ranges from simple to complex....Throughout, the sound of the music supports the plot in its variety of moods and changes. Those who know Hurnard’s book will undoubtedly appreciate the striking way the composer/conductor Doug Howell captures the mood and message of the allegory...” —review in MusicLine

“I have passed the records to the individuals you mention, all of whom asked me to thank you on their behalf. Having played the record, I must say that the standard of production is extremely high and I hope you agree reflects credit on everyone involved. I hope that it achieves the success it deserves and that you feel a sequel is warranted.” —Ian Maclay, managing director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London, England

“The project is a lovely one, one that I can quickly see was a labor of love on your part. It is beautifully done, especially the orchestrations and the full rich sound of the orchestra.” —Fred Bock, President, Fred Bock Music Company

“Right now we’re carrying [title] which is a soundtrack to the book...and it’s a really nice piece. I really felt like I was going out on a limb ordering 1000 pieces from that, and we sold out in three days. What was so amazing on that is they ran out of their own pressing in a week.” —Gerald Blalock, record buyer, Spring Arbor Distributors in MusicLine

“Our Heavenly Father is most gracious in the way He blesses people through ‘Hinds’ Feet’ and we are happy your life has also been enriched by your involvement with this work. I am ever so grateful that you have taken the time to produce it. We hope for your success with this endeavor and that it will reach those who are inspired by music who otherwise would not have read the book. May our loving Heavenly Father continue to bless you richly and may your recordings of the songs in ‘Hinds’ Feet’ be a blessing to many. With warmest greetings and thanks. Yours in our Lord’s lovely service...” —Hannah Hurnard, author of the classic Christian allegory, Hinds’ Feet on High Places