I've Been Freed (LP)


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Produced by Michael Glenn (Kuzma). Music, lyrics, lead vocals, arrangements by Doug Howell. Recorded at Pinebrook, Alexandria IN in 1976. EDN 101, released 1977. Second run featured new cover art (for original, see left). Publishing later assigned to Creative Measures. Digitized from master tapes in 2006 at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor, MI and released on CD. CD remastered in Dec 2007.


Original I've Been Freed cover art

Doug's second solo album offers more passionate songs revolving around faith and love. Recorded while he was with Good News Circle. Better production values than the first album, more help from other musicians, and more elaborate orchestrations.

See album credits and notes for original liner notes, along with some much more recent musings. (Lyrics and notes were originally included.)

Total playing time: 43:18

Track list

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I Just Wanna Talk about JesusDanielMake Me Just Like YouHide and SeekEarthboundHere I AmI've Been FreedDrivin' Down the Road Song No. 1There's a Difference (in the Way I Feel Today)Jesus is Enough to Make Me SmileFor You to LiveBlessed Be His Name

I Just Wanna Talk about Jesus (video)

For a video blast from the past, try this one on for size. This is the Good News Circle (including me) performing "I Just Wanna Talk about Jesus" at the West Texas Billy Graham Crusade in Lubbock, TX, 1975 (thanks to Carl Whitenack and family for this recording).