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Produced and arranged by Doug Howell. Words and music by Jimmy Webb, except "Love Hurts," by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant. Lead vocals, keyboards and bass by Doug Howell
(Portions of some arrangements after Jimmy Webb. See album credits and notes for details.)

Supporting vocals by Ann Doyle and Doug, except "Simile," by Lonnie Hull Dupont
Drums by Danny Cox • Electric and acoustic guitars by Robert Tye
Soprano and tenor saxophones by Mark Kieme • Flute by Kathleen Janka McClatchey Whiteman.

Recorded by Doug at Hawksnest, Manchester MI; March 2009–February 2010
Drums recorded by Michael King at The Mission Studio, Birmingham MI, August 17, 2009
Strings recorded by Dave Price at Aire Born Studios, Zionsville IN, September 24, 2009 • Contracted by Wood & Rodin, Inc.
Mixed by Doug using Digital Performer by Mark of the Unicorn
Mastered by J. Willard Spencer • CD design by Doug • Photography by David C. Glaser


Doug’s first solo album in a while features meaningful renditions of 11 favorite Jimmy Webb ballads, along with a classic inspired by a Webb recording. Twelve of the most beautiful songs ever written, or should we say, "song descriptions"... Songs range from the well-known to the little-known, and arrangements traverse the dynamic and emotional range from soliloquy (just vocal and solo piano) to full orchestra.

Reviews and notes

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Manchester Enterprise and Ann Arbor Current featured articles about the album and Doug's February, 2011, concert with Ann Doyle.

Total playing time 48:51

Track list

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All I KnowMet Him on a PlaneSimileShatteredSkywriterWooden PlanesWhen Can Brown BeginIf Ships Were Made To SailLove HurtsShine It on MeLightning in a BottleAnother Lullaby