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Manchester Enterprise and Ann Arbor Current featured articles about the album and Doug's February, 2011, release concert with Ann Doyle.

Reactions on JimmyWebb.com Community Forum from J. Crosby; P. Zarzeka; E. Christensen and response from P. Zarzeka; T. Light's review of the album and of "Lightning in a Bottle"; also Doug's thoughts on "When Can Brown Begin" and Jimmy's "sacred music."


What do listeners have to say about Jimmy & Me?

I realise it is too early to be thinking this way, but I am already thinking about a possible Jimmy and Me 2!—Andy C.
Doug has chosen some of Webb's most beautiful songs… 'Skywriter' and 'Wooden Planes' have always been two of my very favorite songs… 'All I Know' and 'Another Lullaby' are just gorgeous here…—Marilyn C. P.
Howell has achieved the same thing Clapton did on his cover album... Me and Mr. Johnson—the songs aren't new, but the feeling, arrangement and interpretations are worth hearing.—MuzikReviews.com
Listening to these songs is like coming home. Doug Howell…delivers a masterful CD....Don’t miss this one!—Sara S.
now this release from...songwriter and pianist Doug Howell joins [Webb's latest album] on my Top 5 Albums of the Year list—Jeff C.
Shattered was the masterpiece, for me... It gave words and music to a hurt I rarely express.—David P.
many, many thanks for an album of Jimmy Webb cover versions that could not be bettered—Andy C.
I absolutely love the CD; I've been playing it often—for friends, too, and everyone seems to like it a lot. I've heard more than once of its 'quiet elegance.'—Robert T.
he's almost flawless throughout the album. It does Webb's vocals justice without stealing the show and you can tell that the lyrics mean something to Howell—MuzikReviews.com
It is exquisite. Just wonderful... Your choice of material...the loving arrangements...the actual playing. Exquisite.—David B.
I listened to Jimmy & Me this morning. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat...The songs make me realize how grateful I am for the life I've been blessed with...—Kathyrn W.
It's the kind of album where you lose yourself in it and find yourself all at the same time—the places only music, especially great music, can take us.—Kathleen M.
the disc is incredibly lush and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. My first impression was really strong...that God was speaking...—Edie H.
Howell's interpretations, often based on piano, are set in scenes with much feeling in a unified soundscape, and he has achieved it.—Robert P. (translated from German)
every songwriter should be this lucky to have an interpreter such as Howell.—San S.
The album...combines Howell at his crooning best and Webb at his poetic peak.—Manchester Enterprise
Howell considers these songs some of the most beautiful ever written, and hopes to help some new listeners discover that for themselves.—Manchester Enterprise
I’d go so far as to say that some songs are the best recorded versions—Tim L.
'Lightning in a Bottle' is a revelation...I adore that song! —Sara S.
Congratulations on a masterful CD...It's really lovely. You may have been a few years between recordings, but it was worth the wait!—Sara S.
Howell in his sleeve notes…says [Jennifer Warnes'] is his favourite recorded version, but I maintain that his own version is better.—Tim L.
Nice CD...Nice to hear many of these not so well known J.W. songs 'a new way'—Erik C.
‘I don’t like it. I love it’. I think this album is an absolute sensation. The choice of songs is spot-on, Doug’s voice is great and the lush arrangements...I found the first listen very moving indeed.—Tim L.
I love your Jimmy Webb covers on the songs 'Skywriter' and 'When Can Brown Begin.' Your arrangements are fantastic, soaring violins coupled with your singing and piano playing—Paul Z.
You may be thinking, 'Who does Doug Howell think he is?' particularly if you know Webb's work, but you won't be thinking it for long.—MuzikReviews.com
.just to say how much I am digging Jimmy and Me...I can't stop playing 'All I Know.'—Mike H.
My father has been a fan of Jimmy Webb's since 1967 and collected all his stuff and he says this album is one of the best Jimmy Webb collections EVER!—John C.
I downloaded a few songs to get the emotional feel of your vocals and arrangements. Your versions...are spectacular. A fresh new surprise.—Paul Z.
Just bought Jimmy & Me… It's brilliant! Thanks for making it available to this long-time listener of both Webb and Howell. The combination is unbeatable in my view.—Jeff C.
I am floored. This album is fantastic. Your voice is gorgeous and sensitive. Your taste is impeccable in the arrangements. You are loyal to the songs...—Brian G.
'All I Know' can bring me to tears... I love how you turn the notes and take your time and let it fall so gently. Lovely arrangement!—Grant M.
LOVE IT - Yet, so hard to get past the first track. The CD is lovely and simple and tender and well recorded and executed. But the first track slays me.—Brian B.
The album overall surpassed my expectations....One can sense that Howell finds a deep connection with the lyrics, which makes the album worth hearing.—Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
Jimmy's wonderful and unique songs paired with Doug Howell's heartfelt renditions makes for a truly remarkable album. It took me several times to make it through the first song...—David G.
Classic Doug. An old friend at his best. ['All I Know' is a] brilliant song, rendered like you wrote it yourself. Bravo!—Brian B.