Singer in the King's Service (CD)


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Produced by Michael G. Kuzma. Music, lyrics, lead vocals, arrangements by Doug Howell. Recorded at Pinebrook, Alexandria IN in 1978. EDN 103, released 1979. Remixed at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor MI and rereleased in 1981. Publishing later assigned to Creative Measures. Digitized from master tapes in 2006 at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor, MI and released on CD. CD remastered in Dec 2007.


A double-length album, Doug’s third solo effort. Again an improvement in production values, partly due to bigger budget (thanks to friends and family). Lush orchestrations on many songs.

See album credits and notes for lyrics, original liner notes, and some much more recent musings.

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Singer in the King's ServiceReal with YouNew WineFalling StarCan't You See Me?Appeal to a Dying RaceJust To Think About YouMeasuring the DistanceBass DrumSongThankful for the SunshineColor in My EyesEvery Sign on the RoadPicture ShowFinally Found LoveI Saw You in the MountainsSo Far To GoHouse on the OceanHallelujah, Jesus Loves MeJesus Never Fails