The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (LP)


LP - Vinyl record

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Produced by Michael G. Kuzma and Doug Howell. Music, lyrics, lead vocals, arrangements by Doug Howell. Recorded at Solid Sound, Ann Arbor MI, 1985–86. EDN 106, Released 1986. Publishing later assigned to Creative Measures. Digitized from master tapes in 2006 at Sonic Landscapes, Jackson, MI and released on CD. CD remastered in Dec 2007.


Doug’s fourth solo album. More up tempo than any since his first. More experimentation with synthesized sounds (it was the 1980s). Edgy, like Bluer..., but with better production values.

See album credits and notes for original liner notes and more recent musings. (This was the first album not to include song notes in the original packaging.)

Total playing time: 52:47

Track list

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The Truth Is Stranger Than FictionBlairHollywoodCan't Feel It Anymore • Interlude No. 1 • According to Your WordKeep OnWhere Could She Be?LiarOh, SeptemberDweller by the Dark Stream • Interlude No. 2 • Let Go