Engagement - Involving the audience

Graphics design – Designed graphic elements, custom logos, illustrations and color/style schemes to enhance printed and online information; designed type and full-color graphics for CD and cassette packaging

Stylesheets – Developed CSS stylesheets to implement WebSphere portal and corporate Intranet visual designs; developed Word styles and XSLT stylesheets for online delivery of consistent, professional IT documentation

Page layout – Created layout for most of the documents listed in this résumé; bimonthly newsletter of Society for Technical Communication; product catalog and CD/cassette packaging design for World Class Tapes; historical calendars for Manchester Area Historical Society

Interactivity – Developed dynamic and interactive Web page features including navigational menus, context-sensitive help, dynamic form display, form validation and XML transformations (JavaScript, XML/XSLT)

Online applications – Developed database-driven applications for operational documentation (ASP/Access); corporate employee training registration and management (Perl/flat-file database); open-access Web site list with category/alphabet sort; IT glossary with sort and search (optionally invoked via URL query string parameters); IT Controls application mapping disparate control frameworks (COBIT, SOX, PCI, ITGI, and HIPAA) via XML; CGI scripts to e-mail form data to outside vendors; interactive timeline celebrating Internet2’s 10-year anniversary

Usability – Recommended, implemented and reviewed usability guidelines for WebSphere employee portal; assisted in creation of corporate GUI interface development and usability guidelines; regularly consulted on usability and layout of custom-developed interfaces and methodology artifacts