Structure - Designing & defining information

Intranet portal design – Designed (in cooperation with business leads and several consultancies) Intranet portal sitemap defining Web site navigational hierarchy; taxonomy delineating user audiences, content types, location types, geographic regions and topics; wireframes defining page-level content, design and interactive controls; designed and created a variety of other corporate Intranet sites

Document, diagram, authoring and presentation templates – Developed authoring and presentation templates for WebSphere portal content management system; created Word and Visio templates to aid developers in creating methodology deliverables, including helpful “guidance” links, tips and notes

Style standards – Created authoring and developer guidelines for writing HTML and applying styles to WebSphere portal content; created IT Style Guide and Web site templates to ensure consistent, professional appearance across online and printed documents

Process and data design – Assisted in designing enterprise process and relational database models, ensuring conformity to established standards, acting as gatekeeper for all model changes (included reporting/searching of changes via online Perl application); designed Access tables for use with operational documentation Web site

Reporting guidelines and design – Assisted in creating report formatting and formula guidelines and developed and implemented new reports from user requirements using Crystal Reports

XML/XSLT design – Defined HTML/XML document structures for use with glossary and enterprise model applications and IT controls framework; designed corresponding XSLT stylesheets; implemented IBM’s Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) system to facilitate content creation, control and reuse in different contexts