TV & radio credits

Medley of TV music excerpts

Medley of radio & TV jingle excerpts

Super Bowl 1987, NCAA Basketball Finals (1988–Present) theme & final credits

orchestral arrangement & conducting

PBS Positive Thinking: The Norman Vincent Peale Story

orchestral arrangement, conducting & performance

1997 PGA Tourney, CBS Golf Tourney, US Open Tennis Tourney, ABC Chrysler Great American 18 Golf Tourney themes

orchestral arrangement, conducting & performance

CBS Winter '98 Olympic Promo spots, Olympic Games (1988 Winter & Summer, 1992 Winter) CBC event themes

orchestral arrangement & performance

McDonald's Ronald McDonald House & "Deluxe Breakfast" TV spots

orchestral arrangement, performance & vocal

Domino's Pizza national "One Call Does It All" & "Bake-Up" breakfast TV spots

orchestral arrangement, performance & vocal

Amtrak, Chrysler Dealers, Mercury Paint, Elias Brothers' Restaurants & numerous other radio spots

arrangements, performance & vocals