Video & live performance credits

Medley of video music excerpts

Medley of auto music excerpts

Buick Corporation 1992 Buick Auto Show

(San Antonio, TX, 1991) orchestration

Chrysler Corporation 1990 Chrysler Auto Show

(Reno, NV, 1989) orchestration

Christian Children's Fund promotional video

orchestral arrangement & conducting

Amway Corporation "Connections II" promotional video,
video logo, aerobic fitness video, Artistry cosmetics video & live presentation

composition, orchestral arrangement, conducting & performance

Hiram Walker 1984 & 1985 industrial videos

orchestral arrangement, performance & vocals

Eaton Corporation video presentation

orchestral arrangement & performance

Toyota, Chevrolet, Chevy Trucks auto show live presentation
musical scores

arrangement, performance & vocals

Marcel Marceau World Centre for Mime promotional video piece
featuring Marceau as "Bip"

composition & performance