Eden Records - A History

Eden Records is a “home-grown” record label that began in Allen Park, Michigan, and released a total of nine albums during the 1970s and 80s. Eden artists included Doug Howell, Damascus, Shekinah and New Jerusalem. Though the company is not currently active, we are pleased to offer the Doug Howell albums in MP3 download, CD and LP formats.

Doug's first (unreleased) album was on the Love's Lights label; the second, Bluer Than It's Ever Been, was his first "official" release, and it was on the Trinity Sound label. The Freed, Singer, Hinds' Feet and Truth albums were all released on the Eden Records label.

A Note About the Eden Albums

Some of the Eden recordings were produced on very small budgets, but all were labors of love and faith. Available mainly at live concerts, most of the records sold 10,000 or fewer copies—the one exception being Hinds’ Feet, which sold nearly 100,000 copies, and was mainly distributed through retail outlets.

The songs revolve around a center of Christian faith, but express life and love in ways that touch everyone’s experience. Though the albums never set any sales records (except a few local ones!), they have been well worn and much loved. Friends surface at the rate of one or two a month to tell us they’ve worn out (or can’t find) one of the albums and long to hear them again!

The Doug Howell Eden albums are now available here through our Albums menu. Click on a title for more details, artwork, audio preview clips and Add to cart links. Notes that accompanied the original album release are all here, too, plus some more recent musings... Want to know what others have said about some of Eden’s recordings? Check out the reviews! Also be sure to check out the reviews for the Hinds' Feet and Jimmy & Me albums.