Here are some reviews from Eden Records listeners.

“Each song has become truly precious to me. I’ve listened to your albums for the past three days (I should have them memorized soon.) Each time I listen I’m more broken—and more closely drawn up to Him.” D. F., St. Paul MN

“The songs...are so beautiful—so easy to identify with. And the lyrics of every song...super! I got your I’ve Been Freed album and have played it so often that I’m nearly ready for another. (That poor needle!) I love it...” B. M., Marion OH

“It’s really neat to think that God loves us even when we’re unlovable to anyone else... When I thought back to your concert and how things had changed after that, I really marvelled at the inspiration or enthusiasm you my life.” C. C., Wyoming MI

“A week ago I had the pleasure of finally meeting who I feel is one of the most unique and talented songwriters I’ve come across in a long time. I look forward to hearing not only Doug’s [already written songs] over and over on his records but all the new songs he’ll be blessed with in the future.” Chris Christian, recording artist and producer

“The beauty of [the music] is its honesty. Besides describing the joy of being a Christian, it relates the pain.” Harmony Magazine

“I’ve just finished listening to your records and reading about each song. If there have ever been songs I identify with, it is most, if not all of these you have written. I see my heart thoughts in these songs and have been moved deeply. I too am a singer and many times I have wished to share my heart with others in song...” T. A., Minneapolis MN

“Life is in that recording [I’ve Been Freed]. Most [other recordings] are just productions, but it is evident your hearts were there. May you never lose that quality.” R.R., Dallas TX

“I listened to a friend’s copy and would like one of my own. Two other friends also would like one. However, we can’t find it anywhere. Can you help?” C. M., Mishawaka IN

“I do look forward to purchasing one of your future albums with “Blair” included. I have been thinking about that song today—don’t remember all the
lyrics—but I do remember that hearing it was what I call a time of “Fragile Moments.” M. H., Plainfield IN

“It was excellent! I was a little apprehensive about how students [from a State school] would respond to Doug....They loved him! The room Doug was performing in was
full...and it was even fuller after intermission than it was before. The audience just didn’t want to let him go. He received a standing ovation and was called back for three encores—something that has never happened here for as long as anyone can remember.” J. R., Platteville WI

“There’s a saying that goes ‘Music is love in search of a word,’ but God’s music has found its words in you.” E. K.

“It was only three days ago I called an old friend back in Minnesota to wish her a happy birthday. She told me about your new record. Her favorite song on it was “House
on the Ocean.” She even played it over the phone for me... Doug, thanks for taking my thoughts and putting them to music. It is not a song that you play when a bunch of friends come over. Only a few will really understand it...” S. P., WA

“Thank you for all the times when I was sad, lonely, depressed, feeling guilty and worthless, when you sang to me through your records and ministered to me.” B. D., Tulsa OK

“‘People can’t fly—but sometimes they do. Doug Howell will melt your heart.’ That was the advertising on the poster that drew me to the Doug Howell coffeehouse and after spending two hours flying with Doug and his music, I realized that the poster was right and I left my heart in the South Commons, melted into a little puddle under my chair.

“Doug Howell was not an act; he was a real person who came out, sat down at the piano and poured out his soul, beliefs and emotions through his words and music.” K. B., The Exponent, Platteville, WI