Finally Found Love

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(words by Joe Becker, music by Doug Howell)
3 Jan 1978

I've been looking for a person
I can always turn to when I'm down
looking for someone who doesn't care
that I'm a clown
looking for a special friend—
like the one that I just found

I've been searching for Jesus for so long
it don't seem real
I've been searching in places that I
never could reveal
all I found was heartaches
looking everywhere for love
but when I finally found the Lord
then I finally found love

now I've stopped my running
I don't have to look for happiness no more
my heart has found what it was looking for
all the love I'd dreamed of
all I'll ever need and more
and all I did was open up
I just opened up the door

℗ © Love's Music 1979, assigned to Creative Measures (ASCAP)

1979 Notes:

God is love, and Jesus is God. So Jesus is love. Simple. Then why can't we see that we won't find love until we find Jesus?

I've looked in so many places—and people—that I couldn't list them all—and wouldn't want to if I could. You can say, "I've searched longer and farther than you." You can say you've searched your life away. But none of that changes the simple equation. Jesus is love.

So, if you still want love, seek Him first. And you'll find it. Then you can write this back to me on one of those days when I forget.

2007 Notes:

Remember, back in the "Real with You" notes, how I said a friend of mine sent me two poems? Well, this is the other one. Thanks, Joe! (I recently had the privilege of seeing him again after a very long time. He happened to be passing by on the street at an Ark concert I was doing with Ann Doyle, he saw the poster and came in. What a nice surprise!)

I've heard many people through the years say that happiness is a by-product, that you can only find it when you're looking for something else. Maybe love is the same way. Maybe you can only find it when you look for God. In Jesus; in each other...