I Saw You in the Mountains

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14 Oct 1974

Jesus, I saw You today
in the mountains
You spoke to me
in fervent whispers of cool, sweet air
Your trees were standing sentinel
below the snowy heights
while You spoke to me of greatness
and love
and condescension

and I just sat in silence
when I saw what You had made
and I wondered at Your love for me
when I saw You in the mountains today

Jesus, I saw You today
by the waters
You spoke to me
in rhythmic whispers of warm, salt air
Your white seabirds were daring me
to follow toward the sun
while You spoke to me of patience
and time
and faithfulness

and I just sat in silence
when I saw what You had made
and I wondered at Your love for me
when I saw You by the waters today

and why'd You give up
everything You made
to come down here
and die
for me?

℗ © Love's Music 1979, assigned to Creative Measures (ASCAP)

1979 Note:

On the first trip I took with the Good News Circle, we went to Colorado. On our day off we drove through the mountains and stopped for a while at the Maroon Bells. The clouds shrouded the top of the highest peak and snow graced the upper slopes and the whole scene was reflected in the mirror-like surface of a little lake nestled in the valley. A couple of the guys started for the top of the nearest mountain. For a while I kept up, but soon sat down on a grassy slope to rest. Looking out across the lake at the majestic heights, I felt an extreme sense of smallness come over me.

And as I watched in awe, the Creator spoke to me in cool breezes that pushed gently against my ear. It was as though He took me into His confidence and told me many hidden things which I had never heard—or even imagined.

Sitting there on the mountain, listening to Him and seeing His incredible handiwork, it seemed the whole world was in order—even my fragmented life fit into His plan—and everything made sense. It seemed at that moment that all the questions were gone. Except for one: "Why do You love me?"

2007 Notes:

I'm sitting on my front porch now, with Murphy (our 14-year-old cocker spaniel) on one side and Kayla (our twenty-month-old German shepherd) daydreaming under a gentle summer breeze, and many, many years have passed, but the question remains. It never dims. His ways are as high above mine as the heavens are above the earth, yet He somehow finds me lovable. Supremely lovable. It's that same supreme mystery I've spoken of earlier, and it is a recurring theme in song and in life. When I listen now, I hear: cicadas, grasshoppers, bird chirps and tweets, a hot breeze rustling through the cherries, oaks and hickories, and a snoring doggie. And that same, clear, voice.