I Wanna Spend Time with You

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I wanna spend time with you
not just a moment or two
not just a year or a few
I wanna live life with you

there are so few times in life
when people really live
and there are so few moments
when people really give
most people say they want love
but they don't want their plans to change
ah, but it's just fine with me
if all my life and dreams you rearrange

I know it's a miracle how
God led you to me
and why he cared for us
that way I'll never see
and just to think that God meant
you for me and me for you
it makes me get down on my knees
and pray I'll always share
this life with you

℗ © Creative Measures (ASCAP) (originally Trinity Sound Corporation, 1973, 1974, 1975)

1975 Notes:

This song was written for a friend's wedding.

Do you remember that story about how David once wrote a song for King Saul? Everyone thought it was such a loyal expression of David's love for the King. But David could never look into the King's eyes as he sang it. Because the song was really for Jonathan.

Well, this song is really about needing somebody.

I John 3:16, 18; Romans 12:5

2005 Notes:

More cryptic references to David and Jonathan. Not hard to tell that I had just read one of the most captivating books of my lifetime, David the King, by Gladys Schmidt. The author seemed to reach me in a way no other had ever done before, and it made a difference. Finally it seemed I wasn't quite so alone and different as I had thought I was.

The main thing I was trying to say here was that the song wasn't really about a wedding. In fact, it had nothing to do with formalities or ceremonies at all. It was about loving someone so much that you didn't mind changing your plans.

Have you ever been with a couple where everything is a hassle? Each new item on the agenda is a gauntlet thrown down. Which will will win out? Well, as far as I'm concerned, what's the point? If your being together can't create something different, something that's worth compromising and sacrificing for, forget it. Do yourself and the world a favor, and stay alone.

When you love someone, something new is born. Something that's never been on this earth before, and never will be again. Something that asks everything of you, including the willingness to change. I saw this way back when this song was written, and I see it even more clearly now.