Measuring the Distance

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25 Aug 1977

when I say you're a part of me
I'm not just making rhyme
there's a bond of love between us
that grows stronger with the time
I can feel your loving touch
no matter where you are
and I know you're right here with me
thoug it seems so very far
and I am

measuring the distance between our hearts
measuring the moments since we've been apart
counting all the times I've felt the warmth of
your smile
falling more in love with you each day
and every mile

I feel just like a magnet
and you're my counterpart
I feel the most contented
when I'm nearest to your heart
all the world makes sense to me
when you are in my arms
I'm stuck in Minnesota
but it might as well be Mars
cause I am

℗ © Love's Music 1979, assigned to Creative Measures (ASCAP)

1979 Notes:

I am constantly aware of the distance between us. When we are apart—a mile or a thousand, no matter what my body may be doing, my soul is always turned toward you, reaching out.

The closer we are, the nearer I am to rest, but the more intense the awareness of our separation becomes. It is when I look into your eyes that I am both the most content and separated from you. I can't explain it. Can a flower explain why it must forever reach up on tiptoe toward the sun?

If I could understand the secret, I would understand many other things as well. But the riddle remains.

2007 Notes:

If you've ever been in love, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about here.

My buddies in Minneapolis never did like this song very well. Can't say as I blame them. But I didn't mean to insult them. After all, I suppose a couple of books could be written about all the wonderful things and people that I experienced up there. It's just that when you want to be somewhere else, no place seems good enough, no matter how wonderful.