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28 May 1972

there are so many reasons in the world
to write songs
but You are the best reason I've got
and there's so many songs in the world
to sing
I will sing the song You taught me

let me sing this song for You
and then, Lord, when the song is through
teach the song to someone new
and let him sing it, Lord, for You

there are so many reasons in the world
to love
but You are the best reason I can think of
and there's so many people
who need to care
I will love the way You showed me

there are so many ways in the world
to give
but You are the best way I know
and there's so many people
who need to know
I will share the things You give me

℗ © Love's Music 1979, assigned to Creative Measures (ASCAP)

1979 Notes:

I really enjoy going into record stores. I can look around for the longest time. Not for anything in particular—just to see what's happening in the market. There's just something about records that captivates me.

But I can hardly go into a shop anymore without being overwhelmed by how many records there are! It seems everybody and their dog has just released an album. Inevitably, the question comes to me, "Why on earth are you doing an album? There are already so many that say it better than you." Seems like a good question. After all, I always wanted to be an astronomer.

But the Lord has the perfect answer (as usual), and when I listen, I can hear Him say: "I have given you a very special song that no one else can sing. And there are some people in my world who will never know my love unless you share what I have given to only you."

How can a body argue with that? So here's my song, here's my album—and maybe it's just for you.

2007 Notes:

And the Lord's been showin' me again, little by little, over the last year or so, that there still might be more to say. Stay tuned. Don't give up yet.