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Jimmy & Me (MP3)

words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: Art Garfunkel, Angel Clare, 1973


Couldn't think of a better song to end this collection with than this gorgeous lullaby. It's for my newest grandniece, the "Big Mac," my future grandnieces and nephews, my nieces and my nephew; it's for my sister, my sister-in-law and my brother and brother-in-law (even though they're technically already covered in "Wooden Planes"); it's for my wonderful Mom, and for Dad, and for my grandparents and all the rest of my marvelous family; it's for you and yours,...

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7 Oct 1976

all my life I've lived alone
they just can't seem to remember my name
I'd live and die—and still I'd be unknown
guess there's really no one else to blame

but then You came into my world
You gave me love I'd never known
You sang me songs I'd never heard
and then You touched me
and made me Your own

Hallelujah, Jesus loves me
Hallelujah, Jesus cares
Hallelujah, Jesus loves me
Hallelujah, praise His name

now I need no place to hide
I know I've found just what I'm looking for
and now I know I've got love on my side
how could...

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I've Been Freed (MP3)

Lyrics & notes

5 May 1975

lately I've been going through a rough, lonely time
I couldn't get my eyes off of my dreams
but even when my road becomes a long, hard climb
He's there to take my hand and say
"It's brighter than it seems!"

Jesus is enough to make me smile
the light of His Word shines around me mile after mile
when my eyes meet His it's just impossible to frown
and with His love inside
you just can't keep me down
Jesus is enough to make me smile

when I look at myself, I lose perspective on things
and I forget the joy of reaching out
but then His Word reminds me...

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Jimmy & Me (MP3)

aka You Might As Well Smile
words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: Art Garfunkel, Watermark, 1978


These next three songs are so resolute and positive and indefatigable that I'm hoping they'll inspire you to forgive me for the previous two... This one's a lot like the Serenity Prayer, I think—only a lot more personal. The plea starts out so deadpan that it lulls you into a false sense of blitheness. "You might as well smile..." No high-sounding motivations or promises, just "no pain...

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