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I've Been Freed (MP3)

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6 Dec 1973

if I could
I would stay above the clouds
above the people and the city
what a shame
most of them will stay earthbound
and think that I'm the one to pity

if they could only see
what they look like
from the air
the problems seem so small
don't seem big at all
from up there

if I could
I would go away somewhere
where all the hurting was behind me
but I know
I could not be happy there
if you were not right there beside me

the sky would seem so gray
and so empty
without you
and if I found the dawn...

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12 Jan 1978

I've always wanted a house on the ocean
all made of glass, perched high on a hill
then every morning I'd wake with the sunrise
and every night rock to sleep with the waves
all down the stairway that leads to the water
flowers are dancing in time with the breeze

but I'd be content with a room in the city
if you'll just live with me
we could grow flowers in pots by the window
you could whisper the breeze in my ear

I've always wanted to be a composer
I'd write refrains in my house by the sea
I'd fill all the country with music and dancing

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Lyrics by Hannah Hurnard,
based on The Song of Solomon

I am my love's and he is mine
and this is his desire
that with his beauty I may shine
in radiant attire
and this will be when all of me
is pruned and purged with fire

come, my beloved, let us go
forth to the waiting field
and where thy choicest fruit trees grow
thy pruning knife now wield
that at thy will and through thy skill
their richest store my yield


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I wanna spend time with you
not just a moment or two
not just a year or a few
I wanna live life with you

there are so few times in life
when people really live
and there are so few moments
when people really give
most people say they want love
but they don't want their plans to change
ah, but it's just fine with me
if all my life and dreams you rearrange

I know it's a miracle how
God led you to me
and why he cared for us
that way I'll never see
and just to think that God meant
you for me and me for you
it makes me get...

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5 Aug 1980

keep on, keep on driving
even when the lights go out
and you just can’t figure it out
keep on, keep on walking
when the darkness falls around
and the circumstances confound you

Jesus, did I love your blessings
more than I loved you
Jesus, take away your blessings
still I will love you

stand on, stand on his word
when the earth crumbles beneath your feet
and you can’t help feeling defeated
hold on, hold on to his hand
when the sky tumbles into the street
and your dreams lie on the concrete

Jesus, did I love your...

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