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I've Been Freed (MP3)

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21 Mar 1973

thirteen inches of snow on the earth
what better way to spend the day
than sitting alone in my room with the door shut
typing my life on sheets of paper
life has always been a noun to me
but just now it seems to me
as if it should be something more

Daniel must have been some sorta guy
too bad it's not easy to live for God
then everyone would do it
wouldn't they?

one more layer of stone on my heart
and it will be unreachable
doesn't seem right that I've known You for fifteen years
and been slapping your face for fifteen years

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Feb 1980

well-mannered, cool and calmly persuading
myself that I am truly what I seem to be
a beast of greed unbounded still is raging
barely contained beneath the straining liturgy
they joke of pain as if it were so distant
I laugh along, a desperate play for comedy
but if they knew my most inflexible resistance
can scarcely curb the madness of my villainy
I’d be crushed beneath the heel of their intolerance
and left alone to face my own Gethsemane

dweller by the dark stream
how can I escape the meaning of my name
pilgrim of a fair dream

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Sep 1981

walking down the boulevard
the eyes so hurtin’, flirtin’ and hard
you’re utilized and tossed aside each moment
and bit by bit enamored by all the trumped up glamour
your greed begins expanding by exponent

you take refuge in the numbers game
forget your honor, despise your name,
you settle in behind your anonymity
just think of all you’ve been denied
and fabricate your alibi
and sacrifice your freedom in the name of liberty

welcome to
they believe in the power of the pocketbook in

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Lyrics by Hannah Hurnard,
based on The Song of Solomon

I am the Rose of Sharon
a wild anemone
as lily 'mong the thorn trees
so is my love to me

an apple tree 'mong wild trees
my love is in my sight
I sit down in his shadow
his fruit is my delight

he brought me to his palace
and to the banquet hall
to share with me his greatness
I who am least of all

oh, give me help and comfort
for I am sick with shame

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5 Aug 1980

keep on, keep on driving
even when the lights go out
and you just can’t figure it out
keep on, keep on walking
when the darkness falls around
and the circumstances confound you

Jesus, did I love your blessings
more than I loved you
Jesus, take away your blessings
still I will love you

stand on, stand on his word
when the earth crumbles beneath your feet
and you can’t help feeling defeated
hold on, hold on to his hand
when the sky tumbles into the street
and your dreams lie on the concrete

Jesus, did I love your...

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30 Oct 1978

yesterday at the fair you really took me for a ride
you said if I’d surrender you’d keep me satisfied
but after just one time around it all came down the same
leaving me to hate myself for playing in your game

liar, liar
you really took me for a ride
liar, liar
you’d better run and

you’ve been saying so long you’ve got exactly what I need
you sold me to a dream marked "satisfaction guaranteed"
I wanted so to believe you, you know I blinded my own eyes
but now I recognize you beneath your foul disguise


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I've Been Freed (MP3)

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8 Aug 1974

I've been seeing things that I just shouldn't see
and I've been trying to be things in my mind I shouldn't be
I've been going places I really shouldn't go
Lord, You're my last chance for life and love
I know, I know, oh

make me pure and holy, Lord
make me kind and true
make me free to love, Jesus
make me just like You
I remember when You used to be
my best and closest friend
and You always gave me
your sweet love
please help me to give it back again

I've been trying to feel things I've got no right to feel
I've gotten so confused...

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23 Sep 1976

Your Book is like a mirror (oh, dear)
and today I finally took
took a good look
at myself—I looked at myself
the very things I hated most in others
I saw today in me
what I say and what I am
they seem to disagree
with me

You know every time I think
I've got it made in the shade
that's the time You choose to show
what You know to be me
the real me
and I see the foolishness of judging others
when You've forgiven me
Lord, forgive me once again
and teach my eyes to see like You see
and start with me


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Jimmy & Me (MP3)

aka A Song for My Brother
words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: B. J. Thomas, Billy Joe Thomas, 1972


Speaking of flyin' games, here's another. Again we're chasing after something unattainable. Again we think our flight will never end. It was the last track on B.J. Thomas's album, Billy Joe Thomas, and I played it until all that was left of the song was scratches, clicks and pops. Then I bought another copy and wore that one out, too. Definitely one...

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