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Life is like a melody
rhythm and rhyme and harmony
sweet and simple sunshine melody
since he came into my life
bad times are gone
good times have arrived
and life with him is like a melody

it's such a shame
the way we complicate our lives
when God meant us to lead
a simple life
it's such a shame the way we let a dark cloud
take away our song
when we should be teaching
someone to sing along

(repeat chorus)

oh, there are times I get
so tired of singing songs
when I begin to think there's
something wrong

Bluer cover art

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so many roads to choose from
I don't know which way to go
is there a map to help me
out of this mess I'm in?
when will my life begin?

tell me where the sky is
show me where the sun shines
tell me where the love is
that they talk about
on Sunday afternoons

so many roads to follow
I'd be in desperation
but since I put my faith in God
I have peace inside
knowing he's by my side

I know where I'm going
and I know he's always there
tell him that you trust him
and his love will flow
don't go on alone

oh, you know...

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Apr 1982

if I’m meant to live my life alone
I know you’ll give me the strength to be on my own
knowing I’m your own is enough for me
but if there should be something more to your plan
than I can see from where I stand
and if there should be one special hand to hold
please tell me

where is the woman you meant for me
to cling to and sing to
where is the girl who could make my life more complete in you
if it’s true that there’s someone waiting for me
where could she be

you’re the one who said
it is not good for man to be...

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