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Jimmy & Me (MP3)

words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: Art Garfunkel, Angel Clare, 1973


Couldn't think of a better song to end this collection with than this gorgeous lullaby. It's for my newest grandniece, the "Big Mac," my future grandnieces and nephews, my nieces and my nephew; it's for my sister, my sister-in-law and my brother and brother-in-law (even though they're technically already covered in "Wooden Planes"); it's for my wonderful Mom, and for Dad, and for my grandparents and all the rest of my marvelous family; it's for you and yours,...

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I've Been Freed (MP3)

Lyrics & notes

16 Nov 1974

I was raised in a box in the city
oh, no
I was really raised in the country on an orchard
a blossom-filled orchard
but my soul lived in a box in the city
yes, my soul lived in a box in the city
my soul lived in a box
most of the time
most of the time

but I've been freed
from slavery to selfish desires
from living my life
as part of a world full of liars
yes, I've been freed
from all the loneliness
that used to plague me so
and I want the whole world to know
I've been freed
by Jesus

then I moved to a place...

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Lyrics & notes


so many roads to choose from
I don't know which way to go
is there a map to help me
out of this mess I'm in?
when will my life begin?

tell me where the sky is
show me where the sun shines
tell me where the love is
that they talk about
on Sunday afternoons

so many roads to follow
I'd be in desperation
but since I put my faith in God
I have peace inside
knowing he's by my side

I know where I'm going
and I know he's always there
tell him that you trust him
and his love will flow
don't go on alone

oh, you know...

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