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Lyrics by Hannah Hurnard,
based on The Song of Solomon

thou art all fair, my dearest love
there is no spot in thee
come with me to the heights above
yet fairer visions see
up to the mount of myrrh and thence
across the hills of frankincense
to where the dawn's clear innocence
bids all the shadows flee

come with me, O my fairest dear
with me to Lebanon
look from the peaks of grim Shenir
Amana and Hermon
the lions have...

Jimmy cover art
Jimmy & Me (MP3)

words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: Jimmy Webb, Letters, 1972


If after the first six songs you're still unsure whether Jimmy is a dreamer or not, this one should do the trick. This song is about so much more than racism—don't stop until you've plumbed its depths. It's about how we live such tiny little circumscribed lives, when we were really meant to live so expansively. It's a prayer to the Lord, and a prayer to the people, that we could somehow, finally, start seeing the beauty around us in all its multifaceted glory, without trying to cram...

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