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28 May 1980

I’ve spent my whole life
running away from pain
thinking it wasn’t your will
always asking questions
demanding you explain
never hearing you say,
“Be still.”

let it be done to me
according to your word
till your love flows through me
into this dying world
can’t shut my eyes to all I’ve seen
deny what I have heard
let it be done to me
according to your word

Lord, I know you never
turned away from pain
instead you took it face to face
you won the victory
even through the...

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all I ever want to say
and all I ever want to be
is you, Lord
yes it's you, Lord
all I ever want is you

everything I want to do
and everything I want to feel
it's you, Lord
oh, it's you, Lord
all I ever want is you

I'm fed up with searching
my whole life away
I don't want to waste
even one more day
I'm telling all my doubts
that they can fly away
cause all I've ever wanted
is what I've got today

it's you, Lord
yes it's you, Lord
all I ever want is you

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22 Oct 1979

Blair, I was used to playing solitaire
but you caught all my defenses unaware
and my feelings long since fallen into disrepair
but you made me feel like a millionaire

how I hate the thought of leaving now
how I wish that I could stay somehow
but I will always remember you
and I will always love you
across the moments and the miles
and I will sing this song about your smile

Blair, I can close my eyes and see your golden hair
and your eyes reflecting rainbows in the air
you were an answer to a hopeless prayer
I want to wrap my arms around you...

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my world just used to turn around
and even when it hurt
it really didn't seem
to slow down much
but you know when I met you
you stopped it cold
and all I knew is it felt
like I would go through an
opening door
and I knew that you would never ever leave me
and I don't know what to do
though I should know
just what to do
and how I should react to you
but I just don't know what to do

at times my sky was filled with gloom
and sometimes there were clouds
but when you came to me it was
bluer than it's ever been...

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I have written so many songs
in my day
but you know I'd give
them all away if I could only
find a simple way
to make you understand
how I feel today

you know I felt just like a song that came too soon
and no one ever sang it quite in tune
I can't forget the day
God gave me you
cause no one ever sang
that song like you can do

sometimes I think that you must have been there
when God made the world
cause I could swear
I've seen his sunlight
shining in your eyes
and I could swear
it's his...

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4 Sep 1980

you telephoned
how can you sound so close, yet distant
we keep pretending time is nonexistent
you’re laughing like you used to do
but the most that I can seem to do is
smile at the illusions I had planned
cause now I hold your laughter in my hand
somehow it’s lost the power of command

I can’t feel it anymore
can’t conceal it anymore
neither joy nor pain can enter through a bolted door
and I can’t feel it anymore

ghost towns
they lived here once, but now they’re gone
they gave up all the hopes they...

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Feb 1980

well-mannered, cool and calmly persuading
myself that I am truly what I seem to be
a beast of greed unbounded still is raging
barely contained beneath the straining liturgy
they joke of pain as if it were so distant
I laugh along, a desperate play for comedy
but if they knew my most inflexible resistance
can scarcely curb the madness of my villainy
I’d be crushed beneath the heel of their intolerance
and left alone to face my own Gethsemane

dweller by the dark stream
how can I escape the meaning of my name
pilgrim of a fair dream

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Sep 1981

walking down the boulevard
the eyes so hurtin’, flirtin’ and hard
you’re utilized and tossed aside each moment
and bit by bit enamored by all the trumped up glamour
your greed begins expanding by exponent

you take refuge in the numbers game
forget your honor, despise your name,
you settle in behind your anonymity
just think of all you’ve been denied
and fabricate your alibi
and sacrifice your freedom in the name of liberty

welcome to
they believe in the power of the pocketbook in

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5 Aug 1980

keep on, keep on driving
even when the lights go out
and you just can’t figure it out
keep on, keep on walking
when the darkness falls around
and the circumstances confound you

Jesus, did I love your blessings
more than I loved you
Jesus, take away your blessings
still I will love you

stand on, stand on his word
when the earth crumbles beneath your feet
and you can’t help feeling defeated
hold on, hold on to his hand
when the sky tumbles into the street
and your dreams lie on the concrete

Jesus, did I love your...

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30 Oct 1978

yesterday at the fair you really took me for a ride
you said if I’d surrender you’d keep me satisfied
but after just one time around it all came down the same
leaving me to hate myself for playing in your game

liar, liar
you really took me for a ride
liar, liar
you’d better run and

you’ve been saying so long you’ve got exactly what I need
you sold me to a dream marked "satisfaction guaranteed"
I wanted so to believe you, you know I blinded my own eyes
but now I recognize you beneath your foul disguise


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