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all her silver's sittin'
in a row on the shelf
along with a fine-carved wood
how I wish she could have made it
she always wanted the good things
and now they've got her

she's got a golden car with a
six on the floor and
shoes for every day of the year
will she ever hear the children?
she used to bend down and touch them
now she just looks down

yesterday she could see the world
the way a child alone can see
and I can remember how she used to
smile at me but today she could only

she told me she'd had enough of God

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6 Aug 1980

oh, September
why’d you have to come so soon
just when I finally started to have some fun
I remember well
the spell of an August moon
and I was just gettin used to livin in the sun
look what you’ve done,

summer’s warmth is gone now
there’s that coolness in the air
seems like love is changing with the leaves
how can I be happy when the trees stand stripped and bare
it’s plain to see it’s summertime that this boy needs

oh, September
why’d you have to come so soon
just when I...

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so many roads to choose from
I don't know which way to go
is there a map to help me
out of this mess I'm in?
when will my life begin?

tell me where the sky is
show me where the sun shines
tell me where the love is
that they talk about
on Sunday afternoons

so many roads to follow
I'd be in desperation
but since I put my faith in God
I have peace inside
knowing he's by my side

I know where I'm going
and I know he's always there
tell him that you trust him
and his love will flow
don't go on alone

oh, you know...

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Summer, 1985

all you want to hear is a sweet song
you don’t want to hear from me
just three short, painless minutes
and a hook that’s hot
crossover Christianity
but tell me, where’s the sacrifice
when we always keep things nice
following some formula conformity
you say you’re protecting someone else
but it’s really just yourself
who can’t accept your own humanity

the truth is stranger than fiction
and stranger’s truer than friend
it may hurt far worse to tell it now
but it’s gonna hurt far less in the...

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willie is the name of a love
that I'm aching to know
I've never known you
but I miss you so
and why do you always
have to go?
why can't you ever

willie is the sweet simple smile
that my heart can't forget
at least I know it hasn't yet
and you might be the only chance I'll get
to give myself away

when I was young
I watched the clouds form
castles in the sky
but then as now
the things I'd dream
would somehow pass me by

willie is the name of a dream
that will never come true
after all, how could I...

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with you around it all seems new
I don't know what to say
or what to do
and deep within my heart
I always knew that
someday I would love you
and why you love the likes
of me I'll never ever know
with you around it all seems new

since I met you it's all worthwhile
and all it takes from you
is one sweet smile
and if I had to walk a thousand miles
I'd find a way to fly there
and if you'll take my hand
then we won't face the world alone
since I met you it's all worthwhile

with you beside me I can't sleep
I've gotta stay...

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