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19 Mar 1977

my heart is lyin' in pieces
all over the world
I can't pass a sign on the road
without thinking of something I once heard
"Don't spread yourself too thin in life,
or you'll wind up all alone"
I don't know what you think
but it's true for all I know

every sign on the road reminds me
of faces in my mind
I miss so much the loving touch
of people I've left behind
if I had my way I'd follow
every sign I see
but as it is, I'm thankful
for precious memories

I've seen some beautiful places
all over this land
but you know...

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I wanna spend time with you
not just a moment or two
not just a year or a few
I wanna live life with you

there are so few times in life
when people really live
and there are so few moments
when people really give
most people say they want love
but they don't want their plans to change
ah, but it's just fine with me
if all my life and dreams you rearrange

I know it's a miracle how
God led you to me
and why he cared for us
that way I'll never see
and just to think that God meant
you for me and me for you
it makes me get...

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24 Sep 1976

I'm thankful for the sunshine
shining through the trees
I'm thankful for the rainbows
the blues and greens, and in-betweens
I'm thankful for the moonbeams
and every dream come true
I'm thankful for the sparkle
in drops of morning dew

but most of all I want to thank You for
the joy within my heart
let the storm clouds frown on me
I'll just smile and let it be
I'm thankful for the sunshine
thankful for Your love

I'm thankful for the wildflowers
and every butterfly—You've got such an eye
for making things that make me...

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