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I've Been Freed (MP3)

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5 May 1975

lately I've been going through a rough, lonely time
I couldn't get my eyes off of my dreams
but even when my road becomes a long, hard climb
He's there to take my hand and say
"It's brighter than it seems!"

Jesus is enough to make me smile
the light of His Word shines around me mile after mile
when my eyes meet His it's just impossible to frown
and with His love inside
you just can't keep me down
Jesus is enough to make me smile

when I look at myself, I lose perspective on things
and I forget the joy of reaching out
but then His Word reminds me...

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Lyrics & notes

5 Aug 1980

keep on, keep on driving
even when the lights go out
and you just can’t figure it out
keep on, keep on walking
when the darkness falls around
and the circumstances confound you

Jesus, did I love your blessings
more than I loved you
Jesus, take away your blessings
still I will love you

stand on, stand on his word
when the earth crumbles beneath your feet
and you can’t help feeling defeated
hold on, hold on to his hand
when the sky tumbles into the street
and your dreams lie on the concrete

Jesus, did I love your...

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Life is like a melody
rhythm and rhyme and harmony
sweet and simple sunshine melody
since he came into my life
bad times are gone
good times have arrived
and life with him is like a melody

it's such a shame
the way we complicate our lives
when God meant us to lead
a simple life
it's such a shame the way we let a dark cloud
take away our song
when we should be teaching
someone to sing along

(repeat chorus)

oh, there are times I get
so tired of singing songs
when I begin to think there's
something wrong

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last night on the road
there was a guy thumbin' a ride
and I said, “Lord, I'd pick him up,
but I've gotta get where I'm
goin' on time.” I said,
“Can't it wait 'till tomorrow
when I've got more time to waste?”
but the Lord said,
“Do it now, my child,
cause tomorrow will be too late.”

love your brother now, my brother
please don't hesitate
there's not a kind of love that's worse
than a love that comes too late
now's the time to show some kindness
man, why do you wait?
don't let the only love you'...

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25 Aug 1977

when I say you're a part of me
I'm not just making rhyme
there's a bond of love between us
that grows stronger with the time
I can feel your loving touch
no matter where you are
and I know you're right here with me
thoug it seems so very far
and I am

measuring the distance between our hearts
measuring the moments since we've been apart
counting all the times I've felt the warmth of
your smile
falling more in love with you each day
and every mile

I feel just like a magnet
and you're my counterpart
I feel the most...

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2 Sep 1976

why do we pretend to hold Your life
in forms that just can't bend?
we just maintain
how can we confine the good, good news
to names on dotted lines?
it's such a strain
if we could only take down
all the umbrellas we have built
we could receive His latter rain now

Jesus, I am thirsty for new wine
I have been so dry for such a long time
long, long time
only let me bear the fruit of Your vine
then lead me to Your winepress
and drink me
while I drink You

how can we describe Your sweet, holy fire
in words so cold we strive...

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Lyrics & notes

16 May 1973

and I'm just not safe anymore
I can't go anywhere
but there's empty eyes and words and smiles
and lives that never touch
but long to be touched
and I walked into a picture show
I wanted to laugh
I just wanted to be uninvolved for a change
and then there you were

how could you touch my soul from the screen?
why was the smile on your face meant for me?
how could your shining eyes have seen the
tears in mine?

I guess apathy is a luxury I can't afford
and if money buys it
I pray I never have enough
and I don't know your name...

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so many roads to choose from
I don't know which way to go
is there a map to help me
out of this mess I'm in?
when will my life begin?

tell me where the sky is
show me where the sun shines
tell me where the love is
that they talk about
on Sunday afternoons

so many roads to follow
I'd be in desperation
but since I put my faith in God
I have peace inside
knowing he's by my side

I know where I'm going
and I know he's always there
tell him that you trust him
and his love will flow
don't go on alone

oh, you know...

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Jimmy & Me (MP3)

aka You Might As Well Smile
words & music by Jimmy Webb

Favorite version: Art Garfunkel, Watermark, 1978


These next three songs are so resolute and positive and indefatigable that I'm hoping they'll inspire you to forgive me for the previous two... This one's a lot like the Serenity Prayer, I think—only a lot more personal. The plea starts out so deadpan that it lulls you into a false sense of blitheness. "You might as well smile..." No high-sounding motivations or promises, just "no pain...

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Lyrics & notes

3 Feb 1978

I haven't got no four-piece band
to accompany me across the land
I ain't no comedian
at times I'm hard to understand
I'm not gonna fool you, I'm no hockey player
and I sure ain't no big word sayer
I'm just from the run of the mill
I'm just an ordinary old taxpayer, but

I'm a singer in the King's service
I'm just gonna say what I know
I didn't come here to put on a show—no!
I'm a singer in the King's service
I've just got to sing what I've heard
the King is coming back to this world

I ain't got no limousine
to shuttle me from...

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