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I've Been Freed (MP3)

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19 Jul 1974

don't make me talk about weather
please don't make me talk about trends
and don't ask my opinion of the latest style
can't we talk about something
that's never gonna end?

I just wanna talk about Jesus
I just wanna talk about His love
how it frees us
I just wanna talk about Jesus
and I just wanna talk about His love
He's the one we should all be talking of

don't make me think about fortune
don't make me think about fame
don't make me think about the friends that fail me
I'd rather think of someone who'll always stay the same

I just...

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it's a pity
you say you can't find
a good enough reason
to believe anymore
it's such an art
the way you've learned
yourself to close your eyes
to the answers
you once searched for

you've got it all worked out so
you don't have to depend on anyone
well it might seem like a foolproof plan
but it's a fool who wants to live a life without love

anyone can see it's a shame
you've got your own set of
questions to which no one
could begin to reply
and you're so sure of yourself
and your philosophy you laugh
inside each...

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all her silver's sittin'
in a row on the shelf
along with a fine-carved wood
how I wish she could have made it
she always wanted the good things
and now they've got her

she's got a golden car with a
six on the floor and
shoes for every day of the year
will she ever hear the children?
she used to bend down and touch them
now she just looks down

yesterday she could see the world
the way a child alone can see
and I can remember how she used to
smile at me but today she could only

she told me she'd had enough of God

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2 Sep 1976

why do we pretend to hold Your life
in forms that just can't bend?
we just maintain
how can we confine the good, good news
to names on dotted lines?
it's such a strain
if we could only take down
all the umbrellas we have built
we could receive His latter rain now

Jesus, I am thirsty for new wine
I have been so dry for such a long time
long, long time
only let me bear the fruit of Your vine
then lead me to Your winepress
and drink me
while I drink You

how can we describe Your sweet, holy fire
in words so cold we strive...

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Summer, 1985

all you want to hear is a sweet song
you don’t want to hear from me
just three short, painless minutes
and a hook that’s hot
crossover Christianity
but tell me, where’s the sacrifice
when we always keep things nice
following some formula conformity
you say you’re protecting someone else
but it’s really just yourself
who can’t accept your own humanity

the truth is stranger than fiction
and stranger’s truer than friend
it may hurt far worse to tell it now
but it’s gonna hurt far less in the...

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