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I've Been Freed (MP3)

Lyrics & notes

(lyrics by Mark Minor)
22 Oct 1975

life holds no fear
when in death there is victory
there's no need to shed a fear
when I think what Jesus did for me
before Pilate's mockery
He could see what the end would be
and now I know what He must have said
as He gave His life on Calvary

"for you to live, I must die
for you to win, I must try
for you to hope, I must give myself
to die upon a tree
for you to see, I must go blind
for you to have, I must find
for you to know, I must pass the test
and claim the victory
I'll claim the victory"...

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Lyrics & notes

30 Oct 1978

yesterday at the fair you really took me for a ride
you said if I’d surrender you’d keep me satisfied
but after just one time around it all came down the same
leaving me to hate myself for playing in your game

liar, liar
you really took me for a ride
liar, liar
you’d better run and

you’ve been saying so long you’ve got exactly what I need
you sold me to a dream marked "satisfaction guaranteed"
I wanted so to believe you, you know I blinded my own eyes
but now I recognize you beneath your foul disguise


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